Suppose you got a List of Strings (any other will work, too) and you want to pick a random element from it. The first thing you do is initialize a new Random object. The you can use the Next() method of the Random object, passing the number of objects in the List as the upper bound: List<String> AllStrings = new List<String>(); // add elements to List here Random rndObj = new Random();
Let’s say you have a list of words in a file that is saved as a static resource in your app. Now you want to read each line and append it to a List. The solution is simple: you just use the ReadLine() method in a loop and Add() to a List of Strings. List<String> RandomStrings = new List<String>(); StreamResourceInfo fileres = Application.GetResourceStream(new Uri(“strings.txt”, UriKind.Relative)); using (System.IO.Stream isoFileStream = fileres.
To remove the title bar you need to set the attribute “shell:SystemTray.IsVisible” to “True” in the respective XAML file such as “Mainpage.xaml”: <phone:PhoneApplicationPage … xmlns:shell= “clr-namespace:Microsoft.Phone.Shell;assembly=Microsoft.Phone” shell:SystemTray.IsVisible=“True”>
While Analysts are quick to bash Nokia for missing the rise of the smartphone, there’s quite possibly a return of the feature phone ahead. Nokia is still making a major share of their revenue with their Asha models - although in a possibly neck-breaking move they are trying to cut off their Symbian legacy and bet everything on Windows Phone. On the other hand the smartphone market (at least in Europe and the US) seems to become saturated.

jQuery Karussell

Karussell is just another carousel plugin for jQuery. Contrary to other plugins it offers continuous carousel playback without skipping back to the first frame. It’s also chainable and licensed under the MIT license. See for more.

zetalab - development and consulting Porting the WORTOMAT App to Firefox OS - Lessons Learned Recently I took part in the Firefox OS developer program and after some weeks I got notified that they will send me a free Geeksphone Keon. I had an HTML5 version of WORTOMAT kind of finished, or so I thought, because it was the requisite of taking part in the developer program. In the end it took quite some work to make the app run smoothly on the Keon.